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Accommodation with registration
Hotel Cérvol

Among its fantastic facilities we can find a restaurant, its bar and fitness room, with a gym, sauna available to all our clients.

Services for participants of the Sportiva Andorra Skimo:
The services of accommodation, massages and bus, are contracted with the inscription.

  • - Half board, dinner and breakfast buffet from 5.00 pm: € 59 / day / person double or triple room
    - Sport Massage Service, 30 minutes: € 30.
    - Bus stop service in front of the hotel: € 5.


Trainer Eduard Barceló


Do you want to do skimo and do not know how to prepare it? Does it make you fear that the challenge overcomes you? Would not you like to train better for skimo this year? Do you know that a higher level of physical condition ensures better results and more security in skimo participation?

This edition of the skimo, we wanted to offer a training service available to all participants in any of the tests, so that they have the peace of mind, they are doing what they need to be prepared for the day of the race In this sense, the alliance with Eduard Barceló has made possible specific plans for each test, customized to each person with their physiological values ​​to gain in performance and confidence.

Because the races do not begin with the starting point but with the start of the specific training plan, hire your plan and enjoy both the arrival and the way.

What does the specific training plan include?
Specific skimo training plan.
- Duration 10 weeks (including pre-competition download).
- Start on December 16 and end on skimo day.
- The plan is delivered with the Trainingpeaks application:
- The plan includes aerobic training sessions for gains and strength to improve the safety of the descents.
- The intensity references are given by the heart rate of each person and the intensity zones correctly adjusted to each user. A pulsometer is needed to be able to follow the program.
- Tracking, queries and modifications / customizations are possible by hiring consultations with the coach:
- Price of the plan € 50.

You sign up with the registration.

Inscripció Gold

La inscripció GOLD, té tot el pack de tots els serveis que ofereix la prova.
- Allotjament Mitja pensió, sopar i esmorzar.
- Bus, matí i tarda, a la porta de l'Hotel.
- Servei de massatge esportiu de 30 minuts, a l'hotel.
- Pla d’entrenament.

Amb la compra de la inscripció GOLD, es tindrà un descompte sobre el total de la inscripció de 40€ per cada participant.
Entrada directa de la inscripció, sense entrar al sorteig.
Reservat a 50 places (equips).


Quadre de temps medalles




Els nostres allotjaments oficials
Clean CO2

Andorra SKIMO 2018 calculates and offset its carbon footprint

Andorra SKIMO 2018 one event organized by VSL Sports, which is committed to the fight against climate change. The organization has offset the emissions that have been generated during the event.
The organization has closed a collaboration agreement with the hydraulic energy project called Darica, located in Turkey. A project certified by Verified Carbon Standard that aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce water pollution, boost the local economy, increase jobs and help the social and economic development of the area.

Finally, the organization has obtained the Clean CO2 certificate that certifies its neutrality.