Frequent questions


  • Is there a Covid-19 action plan to participate in the race?

    Yes. We have a plan of measures to participate, you can find it on the COVID-19 tab.

    The plan will be adapted to the real situation of the moment.

  • Has participation been restricted?

    Yes. This edition, registrations will be restricted to fewer participants.

  • Will the organization of departures, arrivals and lunches be affected?

    Yes. Depending on the current health situation, the organization reserves the right to modify, arrivals, departures and lunches.

  • Can the race be canceled due to Covid-19?

    Yes. If the current health situation and the Andorran authorities decide, the race may be canceled.

  • Will the race be postponed to another date in case of cancellation?

    No, in no case will the race be postponed, it will be canceled directly.

  • In case of Cancellation of the test for Covid-19, will the registration fee be refunded?

    Yes. In case of cancellation of the event due to Covid-19 issues, 100% of the registration will be refunded or saved for 2022.

  • Can I participate in the race if I am positive for Covid?

    NO. You cannot participate in the race if you are positive for Covid-19. You will be able to participate if you have already been discharged.

  • Can I change Company / @ if one is positive for covid-19 or is it confined?

    Yes. You can change classmates.

  • I'm positive for Covid-19 and I can't find a substitute @, what about the team's registration?

    You must send a medical certificate proving that you are positive for Covid-19 or that you are confined and unable to attend the race. You can then sign up for the team in 2022 or request a gift of the edition.

  • Our region / county / country .... is confined and we cannot attend the race. Do we have the right to recover the registration?

    If your region or county has mobility restrictions and you are unable to attend the race, you can send us a receipt accrediting your residence, and we will save your registration for 2022.

  • Do I have symptoms compatible with Covid-19. What do I do?

    If you have symptoms during the 15 days prior to the race, you cannot participate. You will have to pass a test to verify that you are not infected, in order to participate.

  • Will we have to pass an antigen test or any other to detect Covid-19 in order to participate?

    If the situation at the time of the race and the health authorities of the Principality of Andorra so regulate, yes.

  • To enter Andorra and take part in La prova, do we have to do forty?

    You can consult Visit Andorra, all the legal questions to access Andorra and other questions about the covid-19.



Els nostres allotjaments oficials
Clean CO2

Andorra SKIMO 2018 calculates and offset its carbon footprint

Andorra SKIMO 2018 one event organized by VSL Sports, which is committed to the fight against climate change. The organization has offset the emissions that have been generated during the event.
The organization has closed a collaboration agreement with the hydraulic energy project called Darica, located in Turkey. A project certified by Verified Carbon Standard that aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce water pollution, boost the local economy, increase jobs and help the social and economic development of the area.

Finally, the organization has obtained the Clean CO2 certificate that certifies its neutrality.